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Color Courses

Hair Color Magic

Want to push your color skills to the limit? Revolutionize the way you see hair color in this hands-on workshop that revisits basic color fundamentals—and then inspires you to expand the rules and unleash your creativity. From innovative formulations to challenging new techniques, you’ll stretch your skills and bring them to life on models. At the end of the course, you’ll walk away with a renewed vigor to wow your guests with exciting, customized color.

Hair Color Magic: Shapes Placement

In the world of hair color, shape changes everything. This innovative color workshop will teach you how color placement and formulation are impacted by different head, face and hair cut shapes. Explore how to adapt placement techniques to a wide range of shapes, and put your knowledgeto work on models. You’ll leave the course with the inspiration, experience and confidence you need to create flattering color that works with all haircut shapes.

Hair Color Magic: Color Categories

Mastery requires an intense focus and dedication to the art of one’s craft. In this inspiring three-day course, you’ll immerse yourself in the study of reds, blondes and browns—and learn how to break out of your comfort zone within each category and uncover endless shade possibilities. Each day will be dedicated to a different shade family and provide a concentrated look at the challenges, best practices and creative techniques you need to achieve dynamic, guest-friendly results across all categories. This course is an ideal next step for colorists who have attended Hair Color Magic and want to continue their journey to mastery.


Today's hottest hair color trends are merely avant-garde variations of tried -and-true classic techniques.  This innovative course reviews Aveda's foundational hair color techniques-and then tranforms them into a launch pad for endless experimentation.  Explore new uses for hair color components, invent new placements and practice rule-breaking techniques that lead to new artistic hair colors your guests will love. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned hair color pro, this course will ignite the possibilities of Aveda Hair Color and keep your creativity sparking.

True Tones

Every guest deserves one-of-a-kind hair color - a mantra that launched Aveda's fully customizable Full Spectrum Hair Color and gave hair colorists free rein to create personalized hair color for every guest.  This hands-on course reveals an often-untapped formulation resource - eye color and skin tone.  With your guest as your muse, you'll learn how to choose the correct level and tone based on their features and master the delicate chemistry required to create the exact tone you envision.  Take the guesswork out of formulating, and create flattering tones for any guest that look perfect and feel personal. 

Color Culture

You are invited to an exclusive, three-day engagement with Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color, for an immersion experience into the world of Aveda Color. You’ll work with Ian at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis exploring new hair color ideas and possibilities, including innovative techniques, placements and formulations that will revolutionize your hair color results. Then experience the Aveda culture firsthand on an all-access tour of the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Blaine, Minnesota, that features a unique meet-and-greet with a chemist behind some of the best Aveda product and aroma innovations. You’ll also participate in an Ayurvedic cooking class to learn more about Ayurveda, the healing art of India and guiding philosophy behind Aveda Products. 




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