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Cutting Courses

Core Cutting Essentials

Cut straight to the heart of your scissor-cutting skills in this one-day workshop that will transform your talent from the inside out.  You'll break down a well-executed hair cut into its core components - from proper hand and body positioning to essential cutting techniques - and fine-tune your technical skills until they shine.  After putting your refined cutting techniques to the test on mannequins and a live model, you'll return to your chair with a renewed energy to deliver strong shape, lines and form in every hair cut and set the groundwork for a great hair-cutting reputation.

Razor Cutting Essentials

Behold the power of the straight-edge razor—a simple tool that yields extraordinary results. Spend a day with a razor-cutting expert, and learn how to use this versatile tool to create diffused, weightless hair that is delightfully wearable and rich in texture. After witnessing a series of essential razor techniques, you’ll test your skills on mannequins and a live model until you’re ready to add the razor to your repertoire—and tempt your guests with new hair cut shapes and textures that look as sharp as your razor.

Innovative Cutting Essentials

Feeling boxed in by traditional techniques?  Break the cycle with a hands-on course that will crush your hair-cutting stereotypes and push you to try techniques that are as gutsy as they are brilliant.  You’ll learn how to use unlikely combination of tools, products and techniques to invent groundbreaking cuts that are far from textbook – but completely guest-friendly.  With your creativity revived, you’ll be ready to return to the salon and banish lackluster hair cuts for good.

Hand Cut

Join Ricardo Dinis for an exclusive experience that will explore the art and craft of hair cutting. You’ll go on an offsite adventure-including an exciting, hands-on glassblowing experience at the Minnesota Center for Glass Arts-and observe live demonstrations of haircuts that are handcrafted to perfection. With a renewed sense of purpose, pride and precision, you’ll explore unique mash-ups of trends and art and use them to create hand-cut looks of your own design-from every day to eccentric or wherever inspiration takes you. Then perfect every cut with one-on-one coaching from Ricardo and plenty of practice.


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