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“In everything I do, I try to make a story, even now, as a teacher,” says Ricardo Dinis, Artistic Director for Aveda North America. “People remember things better when there are characters.” He plays guitar and sings, loves creative writing and even used to charge his classmates to write their school papers. He has a talent for drawing attention and keeping it – his students will agree, as will those who have seen him perform on-stage at shows and backstage at high-profile events. He is a teacher and masterful communicator.

Ricardo’s ability to connect serves him well on the salon floor. For him, there is something inexplicable about the experience of cutting a person’s hair. “At Aveda, we talk a lot about the power of touch – to calm, to heal, to connect,” he says. “Hair is very personal. As I work with a person’s hair, I begin to relate to them on a different level. The cutting process is about connection, and I get more than just the words a guest is saying.” The connection is what fuels him, his positive approach is magnetic and his clients and students inherently trust him.

To say that Ricardo has been tenacious in his pursuit of his career goals is an understatement. He worked for Sassoon without pay for six months before being offered a two-year apprenticeship. He went on to graduate with distinction from Vidal Sassoon and become one of the company’s youngest educators, and finally, Artistic Director, working beside Vidal on-stage. Ricardo joined Aveda in his home country, as Creative Director for Collega, Aveda’s Canadian distributor. He oversaw the Aveda Academies in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Prior to his move to New York in 2010, Ricardo spent three years in Spain as the Creative Director at Aveda’s Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Madrid.

Ricardo’s professional – and geographic – journey has brought him to his current role with Aveda as Artistic Director for Aveda North America. He loves his work as a hairdresser and educator; he finds it freeing. “I’m able to show up and simply show who I am and what I do,” he says. “There is a feeling of straightforward integrity at Aveda; it’s the home that suits me.”

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